COFDM Wireless Digital Video Transmitters
Wireless Digital Video
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Frequently asked questions

What is OFDM?
OFDM is a broadband multicarrier modulation method that offers superior performance and benefits over older, more traditional analogue, single-carrier modulation methods.

What range will my transmitter have, how much power do I need?
We are all limited by laws of physics. Range is thus limited by several factors:
Optical visibility. This can sometimes be up to 40 miles, if you are looking out from a mountain top.
The communication range depends on the transmitter frequency and for this we are make custom made the transmitters to fit your exact application.
Distance very strongly depends on the used antennas.

Average index with small antennas

What else makes COFDM video transmission so good?
COFDM is highly resistant to the multipath problem in high-frequency wireless. Very short-wavelength signals normally travel in a straight line (line of sight, or LOS) from the transmit antenna to the receive antenna. Yet trees, buildings, cars, planes, hills, water towers, and even people will reflect some of the radiated signal. These reflections are copies of the original signal that also go to the receive antenna. As a result you get a good picture even in poor visibility conditions (NLOS).

What are the main differences between analogue and digital transmission?
As analogue signals get weaker, the image on the screen gets noisy with lines and sparklies (random black & white dots). Digital video links maintain the quality of the image down to weaker signal levels. Our digital transmitters are encrypted preventing unauthorised receiving of the video signals. This may be important for certain end-users. It is possible to combine up to four camera video streams over a single digital point to point link Digital transmission systems can be used as repeaters to enhance coverage range.

Do I need a licence to operate a transmitter?
It is best that you check local regulations in your country. These regulations vary widely from country to country. Many countries have a certain maximum power level which can be used without a licence. Others strictly require a licence. It is up to the customer to ensure that they are operating in compliance with local laws and we cannot accept any liability for the use or misuse of our products. COFDM WIRELESS VIDEO